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Desktop Computer

Companies: Compaq, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Sony Viao etc.

We are multi brand Desktop Computer dealer. We sell desktop computers of multiple compnies. Variaties of computers for all types of users are available in our shop.

Laptop Computers

Companies: Dell, HP, Lenevo, Sony, Samsung etc.

We are multi brand Laptop Computer dealer. We as dealer have all the latest varieties in our shop. We have touch & type laptop with latest operating system and high configurations.

Essential Accessories

Products: Keyboard, Mouse, Cabinet, Head phones etc.

We have essential computer accessories. Keyboards, mouses, CPU cabinets, head-phones, speakers and some other essential parts of computers. You can find multiple choices in these products as well.

Other Accessories

Products: Modem, Hard disk, Printer, Scanner etc.

There are some products which are the important parts of the computer. We have portable hard disks, modems, routers, speakers, UPS, printers, scanners etc. Multiple brands for these products are available here.

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